Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tories silent on BAE/Saudi controversy while Menzies shines

Conservative Home sharply records the silence of Her Majesty's Opposition on the emerging story about BAe and payments surrounding the Al Yamamah deals:

The Conservatives, unlike the LibDems, have been as quiet on the recent stories about Prince Bandar's role in the Saudi arms deals (known as Al-Yamamah, "the dove"), and the alleged cover-up by Lord Goldsmith, as they were when the Serious Fraud Office's investigation was dropped (it was about to uncover what we're starting to find out now).

Menzies Campbell is proving a formidable force through his clear and uncompromising appearances and comments on this issue. This controversy cannot be dismissed as a "foreign affairs issue" and therefore in Menzies old comfort zone. The deals are the largest "sale" ever made by this country and have ramifications across at least six government departments:

Foreign Office
Trade and Industry
Attorney General's office (Serious Fraud Office)
Treasury (through the deals' economic and revenue implications)

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