Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Hitchensfest on Question Time

Christopher and Peter Hitchens on Question Time. Our cup runneth over.

..and Boris Johnson!

The asylum door is left swinging open...


  1. Tonight's episode was absolutely brilliant, with some interesting topics being briefly touched upon. The Hitchens brothers are superb debaters, no matter how much you may disagree with either of their stances.

    Personally, i'd love to see Christopher Hitchens on British TV a lot more, as he is largely wasted on the Americans and serves such an important role in the democratic process through his uniquely provocative and rigourously intellectual views.

    Another change Question Time could do with is to have 4 panellists instead of 5, as when this has happened in the past, the debate has flowed much better. Certainly the Labour guy tonight made very few unique contributions and generally spent the whole time echoing what others had said, when he wasn't brown-nosing Gordy.

    Shirly Williams may have been astonishingly wrong on a few points, and exceedingly wet on some others, but she was also unfairly bullied by Christopher Hitchens who occasionally stepped out of line to talk over her in a most unacceptable way.

    Still, an all-round excellent program with some brilliant arguments points raised

  2. Agree Leo - it was agreat programme, and nice to see Shirl giving as good as she got.