Monday, June 18, 2007

Perish the thought that the Tories are the "heirs to Blair"

Top marks to Nick Assinder on BBC Online for this pithy observation about David Cameron's apparent U turn on his "branding":

After a year being described as the "heir to Blair" - with or without his encouragement - Tory leader David Cameron has launched a concerted attempt to throw off the label in the face of an apparent backlash from party members and not a few MPs.

However, as Assinder observes, the wording of thier literature belies this latest re-branding shift:

They would never, for example, find themselves stealing slogans such as "traditional values in a modern setting", would they? Of course not. In fact, according to their latest press release, they have a shiny new slogan all of their own. "Conservatives are applying our traditional values to new challenges," it declares. So, look out for "tough on crime, equally robust on the causes of crime", perhaps.

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