Sunday, June 17, 2007

Powell to back Obama?

The Telegraph reports:

Washington is buzzing with talk that Barack Obama, the candidate for the White House, and Colin Powell, the former general and secretary of state, may join forces.

Last week, Mr Powell revealed that he has been advising the senator from Illinois on foreign policy - provoking a flurry of speculation about the plans and ambitions of both men.

There have been loads of stories about possibilities for Powell since he left the Army. 'Cheney standing down and Powell becoming Vice-President' was one of them. I suspect, like the rest of the rumours, this one may come to nothing. Powell plays a fairly straight bat. I think he is unlikely to abandon the Republicans. But you never know. He was certainly the main anti-neo-Conservative in the first Bush term administration.


  1. What rubbish!

    Powell sold the Iraq war to the UN. He was hand-in-glove with the rest of the Bush (mis)administration when it came to going to war in Iraq. Nothing can absolve him of that.

  2. Sorry, Realist, you'll have to point me to the words in my text which sought to absolve him of that.