Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Davies defection reveals Cameron's real Conservative party

David Cameron ascended to the leadership of the Conservative party promising an end to "Punch and Judy politics".

Anyone wondering if this was a sincere promise need only to have watched Newsnight tonight. Alan Duncan was up against Quentin Davies.

Duncan was laughing hysterically when the studio came into shot after a filmed segment. He continued to punctuate his appearance with laughter to himself.

He wasn't kidding anyone. You could see the fear in his eyes.

He suggested Quentin Davies had joined the Labour party to get a peerage. Davies disposed of that one by reminding Duncan that he (Davies) has always voted for a 100% elected Second Chamber. He accused Davies of being "old fashioned". So what?

While Davies came across as considered and genuine, Duncan came across as snobbish, childish and ever-so slightly unhinged.

Paxman called the discussion a "cat fight" but that is unfair...to cats.


  1. You are quite clearly deluded.
    Davies is a joke and anyone who watched that newsnight episode would easily see it. He was to be deselected by his party and that is why he defected.

    Duncan was hysterical with laughter because the homophobic, pro fox-hunting, anti-minimum wage snob that is Davies is going to have to struggle for a seat on the labour benches during Prime Ministers Questions.

    If Davies really was disappointed with the Conservatives, he would have stayed on as an independent MP for his constituency, not rushed to join a "revitalised" party the day before Brown's coronation.

    You don't defect to Labour after 20 years of being a Conservative.

  2. You're obviously not worried about it then.....

    "You don't defect to Labour after 20 years of being a Conservative."

    Well he has and so did Alan Howarth and Shaun Woodward after similar periods.

    By the way, you got your years wrong. Quentin Davies has been a Conservative member for 30 years, not 20.

  3. Not the first time Alan Duncan would have appeared a bit unhinged. Remember how he tried to waylay Lord Nolan over his recommendations on MPs declaring outside income?