Saturday, June 16, 2007

The lessons for Michael Barrymore from Fatty Arbuckle

The name "Fatty Arbuckle" was used in our family as a term of abuse. I was surprised when I found out that "Fatty Arbuckle" was an actual person and, indeed, a major Hollywood star.

Graham Stewart in the Times writes an interesting article which draws paralells betweem Arbuckle's undoing and the situation of Michael Barrymore.

Arbuckle went from being a fantastically well-paid star to dying of a heart attack after succumbing to alcohol at the age of 46, having been jettisoned by his studio in the wake of bad publicity. This was after he was falsely accused of being involved in the death of a young woman at a party he hosted in a hotel room.

It all seems remarkably familiar, as Stewart sets out.

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