Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Tory unrest about Cameron - this time about executive Mayors

The Guardian reports that David Cameron is facing more more criticism from his own ranks, after backing calls by Michael Heseltine for directly elected mayors to run big councils in the UK.

Lord Heseltine proposed elected mayors for all top-tier authorities, serving four-year terms, with executive mayors for Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool with powers over regeneration, transport, skills, fire, waste and police services.

But the Cameron plan got a kick in the teeth from the Tory leader in Bradford, Kris Hopkins, who said:

I simply do not see the merit in this idea. As the presidential style of the Blair government has vividly demonstrated, the concentration of so much power and influence in the hands of one individual does not make for good decision-making.

It really is crazy that Cameron seems to be making up policy on the hoof like this. Executive powers for mayors is a major step which runs counter to the democratic traditions of councils in the UK. Cameron is talking about involving the public in policy-making but seems unable even to make policies which his own party supports.

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  1. Sit back & watch the fun! or better still go out & campaign & show the public what a bunch of ***** (choose a word(s) of your choice)the Tories really are!

    This is only the start of their foot shooting season - enjoy!