Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein threatened with fire-bombs by "Cornish National Liberation Army"

Something called "The Cornish National Liberation Army" has sent an email threatening to firebomb Jamie Oliver's and Rick Stein's restaurants:

The group has a history of extremist action, though it has not been heard of on a national level since a series of attacks in the 1980s which included a bomb at a courthouse in St Austell.

Its email, signed by the "CNLA Directing Council" and sent via an Arabic web-hosting service based in Egypt, says Stein is top of its "operational directives".

Of Oliver, the email states: "We have seen the effects of this arrogant English man in our Country, causing property prices to swell."

Matthew Taylor, Truro and St Austell MP, has summed up all this well:

"This is not helping Cornwall - it is not helping anybody. It is all the more desperately disappointing when Fifteen at Watergate Bay, which is a charity working to give young Cornish people their first chance on the career ladder, is threatened."

It really is bovine to accuse Jamie Oliver of forcing house prices up. There has been upward pressure on houses for many years in Cornwall. Jamie Oliver has only recently been involved with the county.

BBC Breakfast covered this story this morning, creating the feeling of a battle between Cornish people and "incomers". The ludicrous thing is that a high proportion of people living in Cornwall are "incomers". It really is very difficult separate "Cornish" people from "incomers", and an idiotic exercise to try. You only have to imagine Cornwall without "emmets" or "incomers". It would be deserted and most of the people left would be on the dole.

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