Thursday, June 21, 2007

A great day for Wittgenstein - Evening media round-up

I have been able to listen and view this evening's main news programmes regarding the Brown/Ashdown etc story:

PM Radio Four - Top story - Olly Grender was remarkably clear and informative in explaining the background. She said that Gordon Brown had promised "Big Tent" politics but all he offered the LibDems was a "squalid sleeping bag".

BBC1 Six O'Clock News - Top story - the video clip of Ming made him look good and sound firm. Nick Robinson left the story on a sour note saying, in my view wrongly, that LibDems will blame Ming for "hesitating".

ITV News (6.30pm) - Fifth story - main pictures were of Paddy quoting Wittgenstein. Bless him, you can always rely on Paddy to pull a quote for the occasion out of the most dark recess. Again, the video clip of Ming looking statesmanlike.

Channel Four News - Top story complete with "Love Triangle" Ming/Paddy/Gordie (with heart) graphics. Vince Cable did a great interview. Longer video clip of Ming sitting in same chair as BBC and ITV. Jon Snow describes Paddy Ashdown as "the only person to turn down a job quoting Wittgenstein".

What Wittgenstein said was: "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent." I think Paddy got it word perfect.

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