Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Independent poll puts LibDems at 18%

The Independent reports a Communicate Research poll which puts the LibDems on 18%, down one point from their last poll. Interviews were conducted between Friday 22nd and Sunday 24th June. So no "bounce" from the Paddyjob farrago, but a lot more sanguine than the last Ipsos MORI poll (with interviews conducted before last Wednesday) which put us on 15%.

The Communicate Research poll puts the Tories ahead of Labour by five points. The Independent interpret this as the "Brown bounce failing to materialise", but I would have thought it is early days to be taking that for granted.

You could interpret the Independent poll to mean that the Paddyjob business hurt Brown by quite a bit and hurt us by just a little bit, but I think that would be going too far and mixing results from different polling organisations, which would never do.


  1. You're right - it's a little unfair on Brown to write off his honeymoon before he's even taken power and made all his eye-catching announcements. That's when the polls will be interesting - although still not much indication of the results of a general election if it's a year or two in the future.

  2. We're not in new territory here. It's the same suspects who've bee running the country for thelast ten years - a bunch of illerbaral (eh?) I mean illiberal control monkeys.

    And Ming is going to attack the'cozy consensus'. I despair and fall asleep face down into my keyboard. Hasn't anyone at Cowley Street got the wit to edit the lawyer out? What we should be saying is 'Same old p*ss, different shaped bottle.' If someone said that in public, I suspect the cheer would blow the rafters off.