Friday, June 15, 2007

Cameron's Conservatives: Serial corporate hypocrisy

Hat-tip: Tom Watson. As I mentioned yesterday, David Cameron was singing the praises of flexible working. Meanwhile, the former leader of the Conservatives in Sandwell, Councillor Bill Archer, says it is "unacceptable" for a councillor to have time off due to paternity, launching an astonishing blast of invective:

Personally I can’t accept that a councillor isn’t available for duty. I think it’s a bit unfair on the electors. It’s not the council’s fault he’s having another child. He’s vice chair of the Wednesbury town committee. If the wives of all the other councillors got pregnant, would that mean that it would just have to stop doing its job.

This seems to happen whenever Cameron makes a touchy-feely announcement. We repeatedly discover that the Conservative party has a leadership totally out of sync with its membership. It is serial corporate hypocrisy.

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