Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rushdie havoc - is the honours system worth it?

The Sir Salmon Rushdie affair is creating havoc. Oh dear.

I am not a fan of the honours system. In fact, I would not weep if it was ended. It is odious that many people get honours for simply doing their job. The class differentiation which is inherent in the system is nauseating.

Having said that, many fine people have been honoured. I don't begrudge Beefy Botham his knighthood, given that he has raised £10million for Leukemia research.

I am quite happy with Rushdie getting an honour. But it is causing such an almighty stink that you begin to wonder if there is any point having an honours system at all.


  1. No, of course not. Faith is "worth it" though, but before I get into any debate on the subject perhaps we should remind ourselves of the following debate which, fascinatingly, was with another Leeds resident who was also a lapsed or, indeed, revolting Catholic (see comments):