Friday, June 29, 2007

'Government of all the talents' - as long as they join the Labour party

The BBC reports:

...former CBI head Sir Digby Jones is to be made minister for trade promotion...Sir Digby is to be given a peerage and will have to join the Labour Party in order to serve as a minister.

So, you have to join the Labour party in order to join the "government of all the talents".


This is just a week after Brown offered Ashdown a cabinet post - presumably Labour membership wasn't a condition in that case...or was it? Was the offer to Lord Stevens conditional on that crusty old conservative (or Conservative?) joining the Labour party?

I am confused. We appear to have witnessed a U-turn.

The "government of all the talents" appears to be a recruiting scheme for the Labour party , under a different name. I knew that Labour had haemorrhaged members by the thousand, but this is ridiculous.

And has Sir Digby Jones previously expressed any Labour-leaning sentiments? Not according to fellow Midlander John Hemming MP.

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  1. I know (indeed, I know for a fact) that Digby Jones would have been given a peerage round about now. But made a Minister in a Labour Government? And even allowed to take the Whip without joining the Party? Brothers and sisters in the unions, keep signing those cheques!