Friday, June 15, 2007

Never mind an apology, Gordon Brown should be in the dock on Iraq

This is the first time I have been "tagged" and actually been aware of it and understood what it meant. Quite exciting, then. Thank you, Duncan Hames.

Two things of which Gordon Brown should be proud:

1. Making the Bank of England independent. It was puzzling where he thought he got the mandate for this from, but it was done at just the right moment.

2. Keeping a reasonably steady economic ship - which past Labour chancellor can boast that?

Two things for which he should apologise:

1. Not just apologise for, it is arguable he should be standing in the dock at a War Crimes tribunal for being complicit with Blair in invading Iraq.

2. Being a miserable so-and-so, especially when he exacerbated a quite unnecessary crisis over Blair's leaving date. The whole thing was tedious and unnecessary. He should learn to work with people better, rather than sulk and connive in the shadows.

Two things he should do immediately when he becomes Prime Minister:

1. Start the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.

2. Properly reform the House of Lords, making it 100% elected, so there can be no more cash-for-peerages scandals.

Two things he should do while he is Prime Minister:

1. Vastly increase the number of affordable homes available.

2. Introduce radical economic incentives to reduce carbon emissions. No more shilly-shallying.

Apparently I now have to "tag" another eight people. Oh crikey. 5-tracks, Tony Ferguson, Jonny Wright, Linda Jack, Chris Black, Suz, Owen Roberts and The Whiskey Priest - it's over to you!


  1. If he's going to increase the number of affordable homes he's going to have to do something to kill-off buy to let. Left unchecked, the current middle-class craze is going to kill the housing market in the UK, at least as a source of affordable homes. Property is increasingly becoming just an investment, rather than a source of homes. Free money for hundreds of thousands of the middle classes, and blight + insecurity for everyone else.

    Will he have the balls to do it? I doubt it - he'll need every vote he can get to have any chance of getting back. He won't risk the wrath of a powerful and noisy section of society, even though their numbers are far fewer than those they are preventing from owning property.

    The Guardian is attempting to mount a campaign on this: shame hardly anyone reads it.

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