Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blair the Middle East "peace envoy" - like pouring petrol onto a fire

Lindyloo's Muze hits the nail on the head, and then some:

The news that the man who was prepared to collude, lie and condemn hundreds of thousands to death in Iraq is now likely to be appointed an envoy to the Middle East beggars belief. I remember the contempt with which Blair was regarded by Palestinians when I was there a couple of months after the Iraq invasion. The idea that Blair will do anything other than collude with US and Israeli objectives to weaken the Palestinian cause and ensure the Palestinian state remains untenable, seems to me Alice in Wonderland politics. No, the most appropriate job for Blair would be to go and work with an NGO working in Iraq with the victims of that illegal, immoral and disastrous war - maybe that will at least go some way towards his own much needed rehabilitation.

Way to go, Linda! I imagine Blair on his hands and knees, scrubbing floors in Iraq, while wearing a hair shirt and periodically flagellating himself with stinging nettles. That's the only suitable role for him!


  1. Paul,
    What do you say to the rumours of Blair giving up seat (and some people say others to follow) thus provoking multiple Lab vs. LD by-elections with the aim of overstretching the Lib Dem electoral machine?
    Newbury Blogwatcher

  2. Glad you appreciated my sentiments Paul! And now.........we will have to wait and see, scary, very scary. I just hope we end up with a meaningful motion at conference rather than a probably predictable fudge.

  3. Newbury blogwatcher. I am just about to post on this subject.