Friday, June 22, 2007

Bernard Manning v Charlie Williams - you pays your money and you makes your choice

Even people with the most awful reputations are often as nice as pie in their private lives.

Apparently, butter wouldn't melt in the mouth of Ian Paisley once he closes the door to the microphones and cameras.

On his death earlier this week, Bernard Manning received some glowing tributes from Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Cyril Smith, particularly for his charity work. It should also be remembered that he ran his own successful nightclub for many years.

But I didn't like his jokes or warm to him as a personality. (Then again, I don't like some other comedians, like Jim Davidson, for example.) And I will find it difficult to erase the memory of Manning being interviewed in his underwear.

Bernard Manning came to national fame in "The Comedians" which was produced by Granada Television in the 1970s. One of the other comedians on that programme was Charlie Williams. Now there was a comedian who made me laugh and had the ability to be universally loved by the public. He died last September.

It is fascinating that the same programme produced comedians at the opposite end of the scale, as far as many people are concerned. There was much debate about Manning on Question Time last night. But, you pays your money and you makes your choice.

Goodness, it's nice to blog about something other than JobsforLordsgate!


  1. One of the great TV moments was Mrs Merton interviewing Bernard Manning

    "So Bernard, who would you vote for now Hitler's dead?"

  2. LoL! Thank you for that marvellous memory, Hywel.

  3. Despite not liking Manning for his need to pick on minorities, I also could not stand Mr. Williams and Kenny Lynch. Two black ‘comedians’ who took it upon themselves to continue the work of people like Manning by reinforcing and creating negative stereotypes of people of their own community! Lenny Henry is another one! (And has the nerve to complain that black people never go to his shows. I wonder why!! )

    They are buffoons that make white people feel comfortable with their racism but they serve no purpose for us.

  4. Thanks for your comments Nick. I have never really liked Kenny Lynch. Perhaps I am remembering Charlie Williams with too much affection due to the passing of the years. Thank your for your comment and your blog posting on this subject.