Saturday, June 9, 2007

Daily Mirror and Cameron at war

The Observer reports that, following an acrimonious meeting last week, the Daily Mirror and David Cameron are at daggers drawn:

If he is to be the next Prime Minister, David Cameron needs friends in the media. The editor of the Daily Mirror is unlikely ever to be one of them, but relations between the Labour-supporting paper and the Tory leader have sunk to an all-time low following a fiery meeting between Cameron and its editor Richard Wallace last week.

After spending thousands on the likes of Steve Hilton and Andy Coulson to manage media relations, you would have thought that David Cameron could have easily mended the fences with the Mirror over a convivial schmooze. But no:

...he...complained that the Mirror's focus on his privileged upbringing and private education was too personal and deeply upsetting - launching what one Mirror journalist describes as 'a bottom-lip-trembling diatribe'.

...the meeting was called to an abrupt halt after half an hour, (the Daily Mirror Editor) Wallace was more irritated than charmed, according to sources at the paper.

The culmination of the encounter seemed to be the Mirror editor screaming at George Osbourne:

'The gloves are off. If you want a f***ing war, I'll give you a f***ing war'. (My asterisks)

It really does take skill to mess up such a meeting. Well done, David Cameron! We can now joyously look forward to more Mirror stories about "Tory Toff Cameron" and "Botox Boy". Marvellous!

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