Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ken recycles an old idea - but is it Green?

One of the pleasures of going up to London in the 1980s was to see the London unemployment counter which festooned what was County Hall, opposite Parliament. It was a constant sign of reproach by Ken Livingstone's GLC to Maggie Thatcher across the Thames. I suspect she regarded it as a badge of honour.

Well, it seems that old Ken has recycled his old idea. A Greater London Authority press release declares:

The DIY Planet Repairs Campaign kicked off with Kim Wilde starting London’s carbon counter. The counter calculates the amount of carbon pumped out every second of every day in the capital and the Mayor challenged Londoners to take action to reduce their C02 emissions and slow down the ticking carbon clock.

However, Anyone but Ken asks the question: "how much CO2 is being produced to power this counter?".

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