Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cameron goes over the heads of his party

David Cameron is saying that the public will be invited to formulate Conservative policy. He seems to be jumping over the heads of the Conservative party members, interestingly. It is difficult to remember when the Conservative party conference last made a binding decision on policy. The Grammar school debacle showed that Cameron is not even involving his own shadow cabinet in deciding policy announcements, let alone his own party. So now he appears to be jumping over the top of both of them - the shadow cabinet and his party - to get support from the public for his "un-Conservative" agenda.

In theory and practice, it is of course good to get the public's opinion. Of course. But this looks like yet another touchy-feely gimmick. If I was a Conservative activist I would be furious.

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  1. It will all end in tears -I can hardly wait for the next announcement from them.