Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mike Oldfield's extraordinary life

The Oxford Times carries an interesting interview with Mike Oldfield. He is advertising his auto-biography, if you wondered why he has broken a lifetime of Kate Bush-like avoidance of the media.

Oldfield has had a remarkable life. His family background was traumatic. He fiddled around with some instruments in an Oxfordshire studio when he was nineteen and, surprisingly, produced a phenomenal album, demonstrating precocious genius, which was successful beyond wildest imaginings. He then had all sorts of struggles with fame and alcohol, and has reportedly only recently come down to earth after what seems to have been a series of very laudable self-discovery voyages.

He has eight children, he tells the reporter.

He is a fascinating character and I will certainly plan to take his book out of the library when it is available there. It is called "Changeling" and is published by Virgin (who else?) at £18.99.

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