Monday, June 25, 2007

Cameron accepts damning indictment of last Conservative government

David Cameron has welcomed a report which presents a damning indictment of the Conservative government from 1979 to 1997. The report by the Sutton Trust compared those born in 1958 with those born in 1970, and concluded that the latter had less chance of escaping poverty.

Work it out:

Born 1958. Aged five in 1963 starting primary education. Starting secondary education in 1969. At university-going age 1975. Apart from five years (64-65 and 70-74), that person was educated under a Labour government.

Born 1970. Aged five in 1975 starting primary school. Starting secondary school in 1981. University age in 1987. Apart from four years (75-79), that person was educated under a Conservative government.

Cameron describes the research as "staggering" and "something we have really go to get to grips with".

Too right.