Friday, June 15, 2007

Is Mickey Rooney mad, super-human or what?!

I pride myself with occasionally reading The Sun. On Page Three today (honest) they report that Mickey Rooney is doing pantomime in Sunderland at the end of this year.

Crikey. Hold on a minute. The man is 86. He is an Oscar winner. He has appeared with Lana Turner and Judy Garland. I would have thought he would like to spend Christmas in a large armchair in LA. Instead, he will be travelling to Sunderland to play "Baron Hardup" alongside Les Dennis.

Having lived at close quarters with someone playing a major role in a pantomime for the last three years, it is clear to me that such a run is a major feat of physical and mental endurance. To be doing it at 86...let's face it, even wanting to do it at extraordinary.

You have to hand it to Mickey Rooney. He's sure got show biz in his blood.

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