Monday, June 18, 2007

Stunning progress of Lewis Hamilton

The success of Lewis Hamilton is just breathtaking. The way he staved off Alonso's determined harrying in the first lap yesterday was mind-bloggling in its brilliance. Old Formula One hands aren't surprised. I wish him continued success. It is interesting to observe how Hamilton follows Button, in the same way that Murray is, hopefully, following Henman. All the disappointments of watching nearly-man Button, are now washed away by the staggering success of Hamilton. Below - highlights from yesterday:


  1. He's a brilliant driver, for sure - having said that, he's really lucky to have started off racing for McLaren this particular season. I've been a McLaren fan since 2000, and this is the first time since then that we've had a car that has genuinely been the best out there. Even the best drivers don't get noticed if they're in a rubbish car; remember Alonso in 2001, pottering around the back in his Minardi?

  2. You're right. It seems one of the skills of a driver is gravitating towards the right team at the right time. Button doesn't seem to be blessed with that skill.