Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tories slip in polls, Brown ahead of Cameron on key qualities

Cameron's Conservatives have now slipped back to only two points ahead in a YouGov poll in the Sunday Times. Brown is ahead of Cameron on many qualities:

Asked about how they rated Brown and Cameron on a range of qualities, the Conservative leader came off second best on most. Brown was easily ahead on “sticking to his principles” (49%-19%); being strong (44%-11%); and being decisive (38%-12%). He also had a small lead on honesty (23%-18%).

Cameron, in contrast, stood out only on being charismatic; 30% said he was, against only 4% for Brown. In the Brown camp, where the decision has been taken not to try to compete with Cameron in the charisma stakes, these results will be regarded as reassuring.


  1. Why omit the catastrophic fall in LD ratings to 14%? You are supposed to focus on Lib Dem issues.

  2. I was gonna mention the 14% as well....but ONLY because you didnt. Speak Out

  3. "supposed to focus"..hello JimS? What planet are you living on? This is my blog. I am not supposed to focus on anything. I can focus on what I like as long as it is legal.

  4. Anonymous - we're down 1% in this poll.


  5. We are actually down 6% since the last GE and 14% is only 1% above the basement level we fell to in Jan 06.

    Yes Paul it is a blindingly statement of the obvious that it is your blog, but do you have to spin the facts in this way?

    Hardly the behaviour of a christian? (I note you advertise you are Anglican)

  6. Jim

    Firstly I am sorry for my initially boldish response to you, but as I couldn't see who you were, I assumed you were a Tory trying to wind me up. It does happen.

    Secondly, please bear in mind that my original posting gave a link to the newspaper article which gave all the details of the poll including the details of the LibDem situation.

    Thirdly, please also bear in mind that I now allow the immediate publication of all comments posted on this site, without any moderation or delay. I have therefore allowed you and "anonymous" to post comments about the 14% without any interference by me.

    There are mountains of facts I choose not to reflect on this blog. I just do what I like. That is what a blog is about. It is a log of personal opinions. I am not the BBC.

    I have supported the Liberals and LibDems since we had six MPs and about a hundred councillors and a rating of 6ish%. So 14% seems quite high to me! But then, I am an old fashioned woolly Liberal who, when push comes to shove, cares more about principles than power. If I panicked everytime we got a low spot of polling, I wouldn't be a LibDem member any more.

    You compare the 14% with the general election but we always have an extra 6-8% point bounce during the general election campaign, when the ROTPA is in force. Our polling outside elections is often a reflection of getting low media coverage. I am not concerned by 14%, that is why it does not feature in my original post.

    If you feel that the 14% and other aspects are not reflected enough here and elsewhere in the "blogosphere" then why not reflect such views on your own blog? If you don't have a blog you could set one up in a few seconds on If you want it added to the LibDem blog aggregator, so that other LibDems read about your latest posts, then follow the instructions on Alternatively you could submit a posting or postings to

    As a further alternative please post more comments here, which I am very grateful for, and I will continue to allow them unmoderated until the cows come home.