Saturday, June 9, 2007

MP: "Love child of Edward VII and a camel"

Well it is an interesting title....

Michael White wrote an excellent Parliamentary Sketch in the Guardian about Trade and Industry questions on the day when the Saudi/BAE controversy was in the news.

He makes the point that parliament has been a bit tame on the issue, in his view, by imagining how Tam Dalyell would have handled the question. In passing he makes a rather interesting observation about David Heath MP:

Tam would instantly have bent yesterday's bland agenda - fuel security or gas storage on the River Wyre - into pressure for answers. What is the truth of Guardian/BBC allegations of BAE millions paid to Prince Bandar, the Saudi equivalent of Prince William, give or take 30 or 40 siblings, Tam would have thundered.

Yesterday MPs got to the point only after Mr Darling has retreated to his hypnotic badger's lair, and Jack Straw faced the under-arm bowling. Would the government make a statement on BAE, asked bearded Lib Dem MP David Heath, whom Saudi princes would assume to be a love child of Edward VII and a camel.

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