Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cliff Richard songs used as a youth repellant

You have to feel sorry for the poor knight, but a Fun fair has accidentally discovered a sure-fire method to clear off troublesome youths - play Cliff Richard records. The Sun reports:

Carters Steam Fair, a 50s-style travelling show, grew sick of teenage gangs frightening their decent customers off the dodgems.

Then boss Seth Carter accidentally discovered that old records by Sir Cliff, 66, made the perfect hoodie repellent.

He said: “We cater mainly for families but we had a lot of young hoodies around looking intimidating. They just scared good customers away and never spent anything anyway.

“We usually play a lot of original 50s rock and roll — but the other day I accidentally put on Cliff Richard’s Travelling Light.

“All the hoodies pulled horrible faces and walked off. We tried it again, and it still worked, so we bought a few more records. Suddenly the unwanted guests had left. Who needs Asbos when you’ve got Cliff?

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