Monday, June 4, 2007

Ming encouraged by popularity of Statler and Waldorf

It was good to see two pages of the Independent today given over to Menzies Campbell answering questions from readers.

It was particularly good to read this question and answer:

Both Labour and the Conservatives have moved away from conventional left and right-wing policies to occupy the traditionally Liberal Democrat-dominated centre ground. Where does this leave the Liberal Democrats? LUKE GODFREY

It puts us in a strong position. The left and right divide in British politics has been replaced by a division between liberalism and authoritarianism. Labour has proven to be the most centralising and authoritarian government in living memory, and the Tories cannot decide where they stand, as shown by their flip-flopping over national identity cards. Only one party in British politics is truly liberal - and that's the Liberal Democrats.

I also liked this one:

Did you think it was unfair when people compared you and Vince Cable to Waldorf and Statler, the elderly characters from The Muppet Show? MARTIN FRANKS, Manchester

You need a thick skin in this business. I am encouraged by the popularity of Statler and Waldorf. I only hope that, like them, Vince and myself are regarded as having the best seats in the House.

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