Monday, June 4, 2007

Brazil's Lula is saying what our PM should be saying about Bush

Thank goodness for President Lula of Brazil and his clear rejection of George Bush's proposal of a parallel climate change initiative. While it is a step forward for the USA to be talking about agreeing to carbon reduction targets, Bush's proposals are cynical and oafish. He is obviously trying to head off getting rail-roaded at the G8 conference. To invent a process outside of the UN is just bizarre. Lula makes this clear:

If you have a multilateral forum [the UN] that makes a democratic decision ... then we should work to abide by those rules [rather than] simply to say that I do not agree with Kyoto and that I will develop another institution.

Lula is saying what our Prime Minister (who he, ed?) should be saying but hasn't got the guts to say. Bush's ratings in the USA are among the lowest ever recorded for a President. The man hardly commands respect especially when he comes up with such a ludicrous pronouncement.

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