Monday, June 4, 2007

How green is David Cameron?

The leading article in the Independent today is generally sympathetic to David Cameron's green efforts. However, it notes a visit by the Independent on Sunday to his newly refurbished West London home:

The windmill has come down because the roof was not strong enough. The composter does not work because it kept filling with water. And the gardener grows the prize-winning vegetables of which he is so proud.

It also notes failures in putting words into action:

So far, so good, even if Mr Cameron is a greenie-come-lately. But the test is cutting greenhouse gas emissions at home and abroad, and it is a test in which the Conservative leader is not yet performing so well. Conservative local councillors have opposed restrictions on cars. His MPs have voted against legislation introduced by Labour that will cut emissions. The most recent example was the doubling of air passenger duty, which will cut British air travel by 4 per cent. The Liberal Democrats voted against it on the grounds that the increase was not enough - but Mr Cameron boldly abstained while allowing his MPs to vote against because it was too much.

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