Sunday, June 3, 2007

Voters see Cameron as weak

Apologies in advance for the lack of links in this post, but I am enjoying the novelty of a Centerparcs coin-operated computer, the keys of which require forty-two pounds of pressure to work. There was I thinking they would be all wi-fied-up.

The Sunday Telegraph reports an ICM poll which shows David Cameron as weak in comparison to Gordon Brown [33% v 53%], and less competant as a leader [29% v 54%].

After the Grammar school debacle, it is not surprising that voters see Cameron as weak. He has lost his "Clause 4" battle in the eyes of the public. The whole thing raises a big question mark over what are purported to be Cameron's media handling skills. As Andrew Rawnsley brilliantly summarises in the Observer today, the whole thing was so unnecessary.

But I suppose "Mr Balloon" had to burst in the end - as Riddell's wonderful cartoon in the Observer today illustrates.

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