Friday, June 1, 2007

Tory MP in disabled parking bay shame

There is nothing guaranteed to make me more furious than someone, who is obviously not disabled, parking in a disabled parking bay. My fury is usually heightened by the miscreant usuall being someone in a Ferrari or other such poncy vehicle.

So I should have been around when Anthony Steen, MP for Totnes, parked in a disabled bay in a Devon car park for a week. He worsened his sin by complaining about the number of bays given to what he described as "the handicapped".


  1. Totally agree. I have spent many years explaining to people why they shouldn't park in disabled parking bays (it isn't just about being close to the shops but also about having the extra room to transfer to a wheelchair.)

    This MP has now given people a reason to park in the bays.

    He has many choices of travel available to him and the one mode of travel that gives disabled people total freedom he now wants to challenge that.

    I would like to challenge him to spend a day using a wheelchair.

  2. Thank you for your comment Karen