Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Princess Anne falls over and gets cross

I knew there was a good reason I picked up a discarded Metro off a seat in the tube today. It had some fascinating pictures of Priness Anne falling over in Guernsey:

The Princess Royal landed on her backside after slipping on a cobbled street – then gave an ear-bashing to a man who tried to help her.

The slip-up happened in front of hundreds of people as Princess Anne visited Guernsey on Monday.

The island's bailiff, Sir Geoffrey Rowland, rushed into action after the fall, but was told by the flustered royal: 'Don't do that, thank you. Grabbing me round my [inaudible] won't help.'

One spectator who saw the 56- year-old princess tumble in the Channel island's capital, St Peter Port, said: 'Princess Anne looked absolutely furious. To fall over in public is bad enough, but what really annoyed her was being grabbed. It looked hilarious. The poor bailiff was trying to do the right thing but got a strong ticking-off.'

It is fascinating to speculate what [inaudible] was. I think the Princess may have been suffering from "hurt-pride-blame-someone-else-syndrome".

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