Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bob Monkhouse rises from the dead!

When I walked into W.H.Smith in Stratford today, I got a bit of a shock. There was a poster displaying Bob Monkhouse's photo with some text below it, as if it was him speaking today.

I did a bit of double-take. "Bob Monkhouse is dead" I thought.

It all turns out to be an excellent advertising campaign for Prostate Research, with the full co-operation of Monkhouse's widow, Jackie.

"What killed me kills one man per hour in the UK" he says in the accompanying video. As the Sun says:

Thanks to the magic of a body double, voiceover artist, archive footage and computer technology, the comedian has been resurrected for the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation Give A Few Bob campaign.

Norfolk Blogger helpfully pointed me in the direction of this site which shows the Monkhouse video and allows donations to be given for the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation.

This is one of the most effective advertising campaigns I have ever seen. Full marks to Jackie Monkhouse for encouraging it. I am sure Bob would have found it very amusing, as she says.


  1. You beat me to it ! I agree with you 100%.

    P.S. I like the pic of Norman on your blog header. I will tell him he is famous in Newbury !

  2. Spooky. Which Stratford?

    I was in the London one yesterday afternoon, and had exactly the same reaction to the Bob poster. Hope it works!

  3. Thanks Nich - I am great fan of Norman's.

    Alex - nice to hear from you. The East London Stratford-cum-Hackney was where I was.