Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ming assured performance on BBC's Sunday AM

I caught the Ming interview with Andrew Marr on BBC Sunday AM. He looked and sounded assured, confident and energetic. Full marks to him for highlighting the shortage of housing as a major issue. Ming also talked at length about the BAE/Saudi controversy.

It seems traditional on the Sunday morning BBC1 programme for the most difficult question to be lobbed in casually at the end of the interview. David Frost used to be a master of the apparently casual aside at the end, designed to catch a politician off-guard. Andrew Marr's final point drew an excellent response from Ming:

ANDREW MARR: It feels a little bit like they're coming at you from both sides at the moment though because you know, you have got a new Prime Minister and you've got a Conservative Party which is quite clearly moving into the centre and you've got the (Liberal) Democrat party struggling in the middle.

MING CAMPBELL: Yes, with 20% of the poll. Only a fraction less than we got in the last General Election and these local government elections we got 26% of the poll, 4% more than we got in the General Election and why are they coming after us?

Because they know we're now in an era of solid third party politics. That's why they're coming after us. It's a recognition of our importance that they are coming after us in the way that they are.

The full transcript of the interview is here.


  1. . . . and do you think you could stop brown-nosing Ming? It’s starting to make me queasy.

  2. Sorry, Laurence. You've joined a party where everyone isn't required to think the same, not even when it's your broken record you want unanimity (or, God forbid, majority support) on.