Friday, June 8, 2007

Impressive Ming Campbell media performances

Ming's media appearances often get missed. He was on Newsnight on Wednesday night talking about the revelations of poor morale amongst the army in Iraq. He looked and sounded very authoritative. Bear in mind that David Cameron is yet to appear on Newsnight as leader of the Conservative party, despite several offers.

Ming was also impressive on Today on Thursday morning on the BAE/Saudi controversy. His interview can be heard here (0800-0830 - about 14 minutes in).

Ming's credibility and involvement by the media in such issues is significant.


  1. Yes he was always good on foreign affairs. Shame about everything else!

  2. He's good on many matters I'd support that view anyday, he's authoritive as well and the performances were good. It'll be interesting to see if he can connect to voters at the next election though.

  3. Thanks for reading the post and leaving your comment, Laurence.

    The morale of the army is actually a defence issue.

    The Al Yamamah contract controversy covers the subject matter and/or competancies of at least five British departments of state:

    Foreign Office
    Trade and Industry
    Attorney General's office (Serious Fraud Office)

  4. Ming is undoubtedly very very good on many issues and at the top of his game with his best ever conference speech and good TV performances.

    But all is invain if it only results in 11% of the electorate being impressed. He must go quietly and make for a younger person in this incresingly superficial and fickle society
    or preside over the total extinction of the party.