Saturday, June 9, 2007

Iain Dale's 'Spinning Gordon' story gets fisked

On Wednesday, Liberal England flagged up two stories from Iain Dale's Diary, writing: "Iain Dale is on a roll tonight, with two great stories about our prime minister in waiting." One of those stories was: EXCLUSIVE: How 'Spinning Gordon' Played Politics With Terrorism.

Unity at Iain Dale's Dairy (note the transposition of the "i" and the "a") has written an interesting analysis of that story:

I’ve been laughing like a drain for days at Iain Dale’s attempts to wriggle out of admitting that his ‘Brown plays politics with terrorism’ spin story was all a load of… well, unsubstantiated spin.

Unity collates letters, sent to Iain, from four Sunday newspaper journalists refuting elements, indeed, some might say the thrust, of his story.

It is worth reading.


  1. Unity is one of those bloggers whose reputation is, to my mind, impeccable and rightly so. His analysis of events and the people making them is always spot on, and while i may differ from him on ideology, we seem to have a lot in common.

    His regular fisking of Iain Dale and Paul Staines should therefore come as an indication of how reliable and credible they are.

  2. Thanks Leo. I thought Unity was a lady but I stand corrected.