Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The marvel of Kwik Cricket

I was thrown into cricket at the age of 11. It was straight into "grown up" cricket. I wasn't very good at it. To be brutally frank, even if I had been weaned on it from the cradle, I would still have been pants at it. Being the Scorer was my natural metier, and gave me a love of the game which has lasted a lifetime, and, for which, I am very grateful.

Well today, I had quite a mind-blowing experience. I watched kids' "Kwik Cricket" for the first time. The ball and bats are softish, the game is eight overs short, everyone seems to have a go batting and bowling, when you're out you're not's generally a wonderful introduction to the game for kids.

All in all, thanks to the weather improving during the day to climax with a glorious afternoon, we had a glorious day thanks to the great generosity of Bradfield College, who lavishly hosted the tournament. It was topped off by seeing our offspring bowl and run out one of the opposing players. Her team then won their final and a silver plate and her school won the main trophy. All in all, glorious!

Just one question...for something called "Kwik Cricket", I would have thought it would have been a natch for Sir Tom Farmer (yes, I know his name, when you're sat waiting for your tyres to be fixed, his photo provides the only light relief) to snap up the sponsorship for Kwik-fit.

Alas, it seems Asda got there first.

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