Tuesday, June 5, 2007

David Cameron does a full-on Saint Vitus Dance

It had to come, of course. David Cameron back from his holiday with a tin of whitewash:

Conservative leader David Cameron has insisted he will not "flinch, or stop making the changes", in the wake of the party's row over grammar schools.

But he said he accepted he needed to explain better to his party sometimes why such "changes are so important".

Hello? Perhaps Dave should be reminded of this little panel from the Daily Mail last week:

"A pledge to build more Grammar schools would be an electoral albatross", David Cameron, May 20

"It is delusional to think that expanding a number of grammar schools would be a good idea." David Cameron, May 22

and then the volte-face:

"Where there is demographic change, then to maintain the status quo we would look at allowing more grammars to be built", Tory party spokesman May 31

"We will look at it on a case-by-case basis", Tory education spokesman Nick Gibb May 31

This seems more than a "flinch". More like a full-on case of Saint Vitus dance.

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