Sunday, January 14, 2007

Younger-Ross: brilliant statement on LibDem attitude to Simone Clarke

I applaud the statement of Richard Younger-Ross MP, Culture Spokesman, on the Liberal Democrat attitude to Simone Clarke, the ENB Ballet dancer and BNP member:

The Liberal Democrats, while vehemently opposing the political beliefs of Simone Clarke, will nonetheless defend her right to hold them.


  1. There is a huge difference between being allowed to hold a view, and being allowed to freely express it.

    Is this what Younger-Ross meant, you can hold any view you like but you must get permission before you go around expressing it?

    Reminds me of that "cartoon" saga.

  2. I am sure he also meant to imply "express". Of course. The Liberal Democrats have always and will always support freedom of expression. I have said that Simone Clarke " has every right to be a member of the BNP" and I absolutely support her right to talk to the Mail on Sunday or anyone else, as I have the right to discuss her doing so and the views she has expressed and to call them "naive".