Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Tory U-turn on railways - hard to swallow

I know that the Tory U-turn on the railways was executed some months ago. But it is still hard to swallow. This morning on BBC Breakfast, Chris Grayling seemed to be going further than previous Tory pronouncements on the subject (that I have heard).

He said that one of the main problems with rail privatisation is that the control of the trains and the track is separate, and that they should be more closely aligned.


I would be extremely rich if I had a pound for every time I heard LibDem spokespeople before, during and after the passage of the 1993 Railways Act saying that the main problem was that it separated track and trains.

In particular, I remember Bill (now Lord) Bradshaw banging on about it ad infinitum. As a former British Rail manager, he did so with great authority.

It really is very frustrating to find out that the pig-headed Tories who implemented the disaster of rail privatisation have finally admitted the error of their ways 15 years and £31 Billion of extra public subsidy later.

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