Friday, January 19, 2007

Gordon Brown joins Channel 4 PR team

The following press release has just come in from Channel 4:

"Following the recent furore over "Celebrity Big Brother", Channel 4 is delighted to announce that it has recruited Gordon Brown, of Fife, to its Public Relations team. We are delighted that Gordon has hit the ground running with this excellent press release:

"Brown Urges Viewers To Back Shilpa Friday January 19, 11:11 AM

Gordon Brown has again waded into the Celebrity Big Brother racism row by urging viewers to back Shilpa Shetty to stay in the house, rather than Jade Goody. The Chancellor, who is on a visit to India, told reporters that by supporting Shilpa, people would be supporting British tolerance."

One of Gordon's main tasks in our PR team will be to increase the viewing audience and the use of our premium phone lines, so we are ecstatic that he has done this so well for Celebrity Big Brother with his latest press release. We have already arranged a generous starting bonus for him."


  1. It is worthing pointing out the profits from tonight's vote are going to charity.

  2. "I do my bit for Charidee, but I don't like to talk about it, mate."