Saturday, January 6, 2007

After Brown's comments - Blair's silence on Saddam "deafening" - Ming

Gordon Brown today condemns the Saddam execution method as "deplorable". John Prescott and Alan Johnson have already condemned it.

So why no comment from Tony Blair yet?

Ming comments today:

The prime minister's continuing silence is deafening. His unwillingness to condemn the shameful scenes surrounding Saddam Hussein's execution does him no credit.

At a press conference before Christmas, Blair got himself into an awful two and eight with Adam Boulton on the question of Saddam's (then, pending) execution. He said he opposed the death penalty but seemed to resile from further criticism of the Iraqi government. He got quite heated about it. Was he rattled perhaps? Goodness knows why.
Could it be that he doesn't want to offend his record-breaking execution-authorising friend, George Bush?

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