Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who's the bloke on the RHS of the blog header bar?

That was the question I was asked earlier this week. I am delighted to answer it.

David Penhaligon.

He is my main political inspiration. I sent a donation to David Steel, Liberal Party leader at the time, when David Penhaligon died. I was so affected by his death. As a result, David Rendel came round to my house and joined me up.

When David Penhaligon was alive, my mother always said: "If the Cornish could vote for a King, they'd vote for David Penhaligon". He was a typical Cornish person. Down-to-earth but not abrasive. Passionate but not rude or over-bearing. And he had that great advantage that many Cornish people envy - a surname that begins with Pen- (Tre- being the other type of surname beginning which we envy!).

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