Friday, January 12, 2007

Lembit will always be Lembit

I just wanted to make a comment which is supportive of Lembit Opik. He got a bit of stick for his quips at Northern Ireland and Prime Minister's questions this week.

Of course, if Lembit was any good at stand-up humour, he'd be a stand-up comedian. He isn't.

But you can't knock him for being consistent. He has always been like that. A very model of chutzpah if not, altogether, wit.

In fact, I think "doing a Lembit" could enter the dictionary, meaning: when you get exposure for personal behaviour which is not illegal or immoral, you respond by doing things like parading down the local street arm-in-arm with two young ladies and making jokes in parliament about "I should be so happy" and "the other sister is still single". None of it is particularly funny but it takes the situation head-on, that's for sure.

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