Saturday, January 6, 2007

UKIP's hypocrisy on Polish workers

One of the pleasures of returning home to Cornwall is reading the "Cornish and Devon Post". It is always interesting to read the anti-European rants published by the Robertson family in their Trago Mills adverts, over the years.

The Westcountry Trago Mills stores even have signs decrying the woes of the European Union.

Bruce Robertson, owner of Trago Mills, is a donor to UKIP. He has just taken on 30 Poles to work for him. This is hard on the heels of Roger Knapman, UKIP MEP, who has also employed Polish labourers.

So they criticise the European Union, but then take advantage of its benefits.


  1. Of course, if UKIP could come up with a sensible cogent argument they'd say the the EU should not exisit, or at least the UK should be out of it, but that we should allow immgration from all countries so long as the immigrants don't receive benefits.

    Of course, they'd never say that as a large part of their (admittedly small) constituency is simply xenophobic.