Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blair goes under the water again - will he come up again? (Reid comes up for air)

Seeing John Reid and Tony Blair at the moment is like observing two drowning men, who take in turns to go under the water (which often appears brown in colour).

This week, John Reid has been well and truly under the liquids, struggling to hold his breath. This Sunday, however, the Lord Chief Justice has pulled him up from under the water, by the scruff of the neck, to allow him to gasp some precious cubic metres of air. The Observer reports:

Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers said the Home Secretary had not sought to instruct judges to stop imposing prison sentences on offenders. In a statement, he described Reid's advice on sentencing as a 'helpful summary of the present situation'.

Meanwhile, our other deluge-defying drownee, A.Blair, has been enjoying a week of welcome fresh air. However, today he swops places with Reid, and is back under the briny. The Old Bill apparently have possession of an allegedly curious hand-written note from him about the loans- for-peerages scenario. And the Electoral Commission is calling for the whole thing to go to court. Sounds like it will rumble on for years. I suspect Houdini Tony will get to the surface for a quick blast of oxygen somehow.

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