Saturday, January 6, 2007

Happy Birthday to David Bowie for Monday!

My favourite radio station, XFM, has just played one of my top ten tracks, "Rebel Rebel", yet again (for the second time in two days). Good on them. A superb track.

If I was asked by a recently arrived Martian to explain popular music, I would play her/him "Rebel Rebel".

It has all the ingredients of a great pop song, without being tacky or saccharine, and stands the test of time.

Any road up, el jocko on XFM announced that David Bowie is 60 on Monday.


Happy Birthday Mr Bowie!


  1. Spooky, read this after just doing my own post on the subject at
    If Major Tom were to deliver me the Martian I would play him Heroes then Changes

  2. I promise I didn't crib the idea! Yes, "Changes" is wonderful. I was never so keen on the later stuff. I am stuck in about 1973 and "Hunky Dory".