Sunday, January 7, 2007

"42 carat plonker" actor decries the "cult of celebrity"

Peter Black recently carried reflections on Sian Lloyd's attack on the cult of celebrity.

Now Nicholas Lyndhurst (aka Rodney/"What a 42 carat ponker you really are!" from Only Fools and Horses) is on the same warpath. Bless him. His photo is on the front page of this week's Radio Times.

The headline reads: "The reluctant star". The strapline says: "The cult of celebrity has got to stop".
Lyndhurst wears a expression in the photo. Just as well, really. Given that he apparently posed for the photograph to go on the front of one of Britain's biggest selling magazines (with a circulation last estimated at 1.1 million), he might otherwise be accused of being rather confused.

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