Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is it wrong to use your neighbour's wireless connection?

Last night we got a young man, who knows what he's doing (rather than just thinking he knows what he is doing and blundering around until he fixes the problem or throws the PC out the window, like me), encrypted our wireless connection.

There was a discussion on BBC Radio Berkshire with Andrew Peach this morning entitled: 'Is it wrong to use your neighbour's wireless connection?'

Of course it is wrong. It is also "technically illegal" according to the Forum editor on PC Advisor.

Where have we come to? We used to know all our neighbours' names and borrow cups of sugar from them. Now we don't know their names, or even say hello to them, and nick their wireless connection!


  1. If we lived in a utopia where nobody didn't anything nasty on the internet then I'd say lets all keep our WiFi networks open and share the love.

    However, due to the fact that people do nasty things online, and that if they're using your wifi network you could be held responsible if they get caught - we have to encrypt.

    I DO know my neighbours name where I live now but to be honest I wish I didn't :)

    When I was a child we knew the neighbours on either side really well and I played in their gardens all the time.

  2. Thank you Ryan. I have added your blog to my links, if only because you have the words "Free Jersey" on your site!

  3. When I find an open WiFi connection I often try to see what I can get access to.
    On almost every occasion I've been able to get onto the router and get to the WEP encryption page to make their WiFi available to me only, and also to the password change screen to stop them from gaining access (although all routers do have a reset button).
    Of course to actually change anything or to use their WiFi to surf the internet would be wrong, but people really should be more careful when installing radio networks into the homes.

  4. Thank you Ryan 2. What is it about Ryans and wireless access?

  5. I don't know how to set up all the wep key stuff but I have locked mine down by allowing only certain MAC addresses to use my network. It seems to work, but I could access any of my neighbours networks.