Friday, January 19, 2007

Cameron pulls plug on Iain Dale's Diary

Well, alright then, if it wasn't Cameron, someone has! It's shame. I wanted to see what his 18:24 posting entitled: "You couldn't make it up No 94" was about.

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Mine's still up.

UPDATE: 22:23: I have found the last tattered, charred remains of Iain Dale's Diary posting of 18:24 this evening. Iain's "YCMIU No 94" began thus:

From tonight's Cambridge Evening News... A SMOKER was refused cigarettes at a Cambridge store because the Muslim shop assistant said it was against her religion to sell tobacco. A 31-year-old woman, who asked not to be identified, ...

UPDATE: 07:52 Saturday: Normal service has been resumed! Excellent!


  1. It seems to be working normally now. There's a new post up about Malcolm Rifkind as well.


  2. What a bizarre post. Have you really got nothing better to write about? The fact is that Blogger has been down on and off all evening. Bang goes your conspiracy theory...

  3. My conspiracy theory may have been slightly tongue-in-cheek....I haven't decided yet. My Blogspot was up and running - so were many others, hence the post. Perhaps it was a new v old Blogger thing. If that is the case, I am surprised that a cutting edge fellow like you is still on "old" blogger. But then again, we are told that there is no such thing as "old" and "new" Blogger!

    Still it was worth posting to yet again get your excellent photo on my "recent readers" board and, more importantly, having your (relatively) new "I am having a think about what you say" comments-type photo gracing my site!

    All the best